Monday, October 17, 2011

Captain's Log: Stay at Martha's Vinyard

Finally have been able to get a good layout of the island and start to understand roads.  Basically you must learn landmarks and completely forget about street signs for assistance.  the hiking trails and maps are pretty much like the roads.  There are trails that are not on the map, trails on the map that do not exist.  roads that are called "trails" and trails that are called "roads". 

Hiking day 1 went out to explore and found a site on the map or an old sailor graveyard.  Went on the quest to find graveyard.  After 3 hours of exploring in torrential down pours I conceded defeat for the day and went home. 

Hiking day 2: I am determined to find the graveyard so came into trail system through a different route and using different map.  2 hours of looking and I still cannot find it.  It has now become an obsession!
Interesting fact I have discovered about trail maps that are posted on trail... Sometimes map is drawn with North being North on map, sometimes map is drawn with the direction you are facing being North on the map, and sometimes the map is a mirror image of what it should be.  All this time I have been looking for the graveyard to the north east and it is really on the north west of the trail... for those of you who do not hike... This is a big problem when looking for location.  Found where I though it should be right ahead but ran into a no trespassing sign and chainsaws in background.  Not a place I want to chance trespassing while I am out hiking alone.  Decided to come in yet a third route and FINALLY  I found it.  It was about 50 yards north of the no trespassing sign.  At this point I am breaking the rules and going on private property to get back home.  Guys with chainsaw seem to be busy and I think I can outrun them if they come after me. 

So after 7 hours of looking and now knowing almost every inch of the 300 acre reserve I have conquered the Trails in Wapatequa area!!!

Now the quest is to find out what happened here around September 22, 1898 to cause the bodies of 10 unknown sailors to wash up on the beaches of Martha's Vineyard....

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Captain's Log: Travels to Martha's Vinyard

Drive has been quite lovely.  The leaves are starting to change color.  Miles and miles of cornfields with swimming ponds randomly placed in the fields.  I am assuming the ponds are primarily used as irrigation, but many have rope swings, docks, and slides over that water. 

Side trip for Kate to see The Statue of Liberty when going through New York City.  All the while I am driving through the bowels of NYC and chewing my nails in the traffic, passengers are whining because I will not make second detour into Brooklyn to have brick oven pizza.  After a full stomach of pizza and beer in Stamford I settle in and take a much needed nap.

Arrival on the the Island:  Arrive after dark and head out following very simple directions to house.  Interesting thing about Martha's Vineyard is their street sign system is not the most organized.  Missed a very important turn, but did not know it because main streets have no markings.  Looking for "Head of the Pond Road"... not to be confused with Pond Road, Pond Road South, Pond Road North, Head of Pond Road (that is correct completely different road just with "the" left out.  Finally thank goodness for little blue bouncy call on GPS app for IPhone 4 and after taking very isolated dirt road meant for off road vehicles (though no match for the little Subaru) we made it to our little home for a week.  Thankfully the next day we found the much easier and smoother route to our little home. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Captains Log: Day 1.

Today is first real day of unemployment.  Morning was spent sitting on front porch consuming a healthy breakfast of chocolate chip cookies and milk while watching squirrels play in the morning sun.  I think I am going to get used to this life very quickly. 

Heading:  Forward